Kazakhstan 2014


Midway through the rally a local emergency official asked the protestors to disperse from Almaty’s central Republic Square due to a bomb threat, though most of those gathered refused to leave, saying it was an attempt by the authorities to silence them. On January 18 some 900 delegates to a joint meeting of Kazakhstani opposition parties arrived at their meeting place, a local theater, only to find it sealed off by riot police. The gathering was moved to a nearby circus that organizers had also booked for the day, anticipating that their original plans might be undermined in some way. At the meeting, the delegates voted to begin porno collecting signatures on a petition for a national referendum on local elections.
21 January 2014


An delegation of Kazakhstani officials headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Kayrat Abuseitov traveled to Afghanistan this week to establish diplomatic ties with the new government in Kabul, Khabar state television reported. The delegation also includes representatives of the Kazakhstani military, including General Staff head Colonel Malik Kasymov.

The key aim of the mission is to offer diplomatic support to the interim Afghan government as well as to work out plans through which Kazakhstan can supply humanitarian aid to the war-torn country.

Abuseitov met with Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah to discuss the opening of a Kazakhstani diplomatic representation in Kabul. In addition, Abuseitov announced that Kazakhstani peacekeepers could be sent to Afghanistan this summer.

The Kazakhstani delegation also met with Hamid Karzai, head of the Afghan interim government.
15 January 2002


Major Kazakhstani newspaper Novoye Pokoleniye on January 11 published a front-page story accusing Minister of State Revenues Zeinulla Kakimzhanov of accepting gifts of hotel accommodations and airline tickets from top Kazakhstani companies whose tax payments his ministry is supposed to oversee.
The article alleges that Kakimzhanov regularly stays in deluxerooms at five-star hotels during his frequent travels to France, Spain and Italy. The newspaper also claims that charter flights for the minister’s vacations are often booked by top managers at major Kazakhstani companies.
As further “proof” that Kakimzhanov lives beyond his means, Novoye Pokoleniye reported that the minister celebrated his last birthday at a posh restaurant in Paris and that he regularly goes for medical examinations at leading clinics in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
“Our minister acts like a two-faced Janus who, after exposing corruption among his subordinates in his department, goes to have fun gambling in Monte-Carlo,” the author writes.
14 January 2002


Kazakhstani Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Vladimir Shkolnik has been given the authority to conduct negotiations and conclude an agreement to make amendments to the production sharing agreement on the development of the North Caspian offshore oilfields, including the massive Kashagan field, originally signed in November 1997. A governmental resolution authorizing amendment of the PSA was signed by Prime Minister Kasymzhomart Tokaev on December 28, 2001 and went into effect that same day.

The government’s decision to alter the PSA reportedly stemmed from the departure of BP Amoco and Statoil from the Agip KCO (formerly

OKIOC) consortium that is developing the shelf and the transfer of those companies’ 9.52% and 4.76% shares, respectively, to “the other contracting companies.”

The Agip KCO consortium currently includes Italy’s Eni SpA, the operator of the project, as well as BG Plc, ExxonMobil, Shell, TotalFinaElf, Inpex and Phillips Petroleum.
10 January 2002

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